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Top forum on China magnesium industry held in Hebi
Mr.Wangdengwen went on R & D tour¡­
Mr.Wangdengwen addressed during c¡­
Mr.Wangdengwen, general research ¡­
Mr. Dongchunming, president of Su¡­
Mr.Dongchunming was invited to at¡­
Mr.Wangdengwen attended THE SAPA ¡­
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Int¡¯l Al forum in China
Aluminium China 2010 kicks off i¡­
Shanxi Boxiang Aluminum aims for ¡­
2075kt of capacity: China Power I¡­
China Aerospace Science and Techn¡­
The second Int¡¯l Aluminum Raw Mat¡­
Asia Aluminum will put into full ¡­
Company News
Mr.Wangdengwen went on R & D tour to aluminum rolling producers of Xuzhou area 2011-06-17
Mr.Wangdengwen addressed during conference held by Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Associ¡­ 2011-06-17
Mr.Wangdengwen, general research director of Sunlight Metal, attended two aluminum ¡­ 2011-03-24
Mr. Dongchunming, president of Sunlight Metal, attended the launching ceremony of n¡­ 2011-03-17
Mr.Dongchunming was invited to attend the operation ceremony of Sapa¡¯s new line 2010-10-12
Mr.Wangdengwen attended THE SAPA SHANGHAI 2010 TECHNICAL SEMINAR 2010-09-28
Sunlight Metal: Information partner of ALUMINUM CHINA 2010 presented by Reed Exhibi¡­ 2010-05-12
Sunlight Metal enters into the co-organizer of IMA 67th Annual World Magnesium Conf¡­ 2010-05-12
Mr.Dongchunming¡¯s presence in Wuxiang county 2010-05-12
Hand in hand with Alcan 2010-05-12
Mr.Dongchunming attended the sign ceremony 2010-05-12
Shanghai Cu-Al top-level meeting 2010-05-12
No.1 World Al Foil Producer Forum kicked off in Om 2010-05-12
Merrill Lynch¡¯s mining investment forum in China 2010-05-12
Top forum on China magnesium industry held in Hebi 2010-05-12
Sunlight Metal¡¯s new report 2010-05-12
Al-Mg industry energy efficiency stud 2010-05-12
Int¡¯l Al forum in China 2010-05-12
Top forum on China magnesium industry held in Hebi 2010-05-11
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