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Shiguai district, Baotou city tends to attract more investment for magnesium alloy processing projects

Since 2007, Shiguai district of Baotou city, in accordance with national industrial policies, has scientifically planned for the environmentally friendly development of magnesium industry. Relying on its resources advantages, it has attracted many potential investors to investigate and then invest. Up to now, there are already 6 magnesium alloy companies and 3 supporting ones, representing a total investment of 2.18 billion RMB. Shiguai district has become another new magnesium production base in China.

Baotou city is rich in water resources, dolomite and electricity, which is also comparably cheaper. It is abundant in labor that leaves fairly enough space for further development. Meanwhile, Baotou is also the major manufacturing base for primary aluminium, rare earth, automobiles, and machinery products. The production capacity for Fesi has reached 400 kt.

Based on all of the above points, government of Shiguai district, Baotou city, is hoping to build a magnesium alloy processing base there, which has already been well planned as their policies for attracting more investment.

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