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2075kt of capacity: China Power Investment Corporation¡¯s target for primary aluminum in 2010

China Power Investment Corporation(CPI), in 2009, realized 60MKW of installed capacity of power generating facilities, up 13% y-on-y, with coal and primary aluminum capacities hitting 501450kt and 1755kt, respectively, indicating a 46% and 105% growth in turn over previous year. In 2010, CPI targets for 70MKW of installed capacity, 7275kt of coal and 2075kt of primary aluminum as for capacity.

Primary aluminum projects attached to CPI locate in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Qinghai, by the integration of either coal-power-aluminum or water-power-aluminum facilities, as carried out in Qingtongxia Aluminum, Inner Mongolia HMHJ Aluminum Electricity, CPI Huolinhe Coal and Electricity, and Huanghe Hydropower Development. CPI also owns share of Chinalco¡¯s Huasheng Aluminum in Yuncheng, Shanxi, and acquires 0.12 bln. tons of bauxite in Guizhou. Recently, CPI sets CPI Aluminum Int¡¯l Trade(Shanghai). Now CPI is the second largest primary aluminum producer after Chinalco.

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