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Part of reports and consultation programs we have finished in the past 3 years

Part of reports and consultation programs we have finished in the past 3 years

 Study on the production and market of China aluminum plate and sheet industry

 Survey of China aluminum hot rolling projects

 Analysis on the prospect of China primary aluminum investment

 China railway and urban track markets and their demand on aluminum semis

 Study on China aluminum profile industry and market

 Survey of Al-related cathode carbon market

 Study on China aluminum foil industry and market

 Study on China light-gauge aluminum foil industry and market

 Study on China secondary aluminum industry and market

 Study on global and China magnesium industry and market

 Survey and analysis on China aluminum- and magnesium-smelting energy efficiency

 Survey on the application of SF6 and substitute of China magnesium industry

 Survey on China aluminum rolling industry

 Market and prospect of China alumina and primary aluminum industries

Our client include

 Alcoa, Alcan, Sapa Group, Riotinto, Norandal, Bhpbillition,

          MeridianTechnology, SojitzEAFA.

 Zhongwang GroupChinalcoXiashun Aluminium FoilLufeng Aluminium FoilLiyuan Aluminium, Foxconn Group, Mingtai Aluminium, Xinren Aluminium,Kunshan Aluminium,MinmetalsYe   Qiu Metal ReclyingNanjing Welbow Metals.

  China Everbright Bank, GIC, CITIC Capital, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, RBS, Olympus Capital, UBS, Orchid Asia Group, CLSA, Pingan Securities.

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